About us

Average advertising leads to average results.
That is why we never ever go near run of the mill, vanilla and mediocre communication. That would be careless and disrespectful towards your business, your brand and your budget. And truthfully, it would be like selling our soul.

Your message might be incredibly important and interesting, but if you don´t say it in the right way, it may pass by unnoticed.

It is not what you say, or through which channels you say it. It is how you say it that makes the difference. That's called idea-based advertising. It can be fantastic. It can be horrible. But it will never be boring.

If you work with us, you should be amused, anxious, astonished and maybe even a bit annoyed. But if you remain unaffected, then we need step up our game. Because who remembers advertisements that doesn't make you feel something? And who is ever satisfied with absent results?

We are Business & Emotions. And we make idea-based advertising.