As you might have guessed, our name wasn’t chosen at random. We create integrated marketing that moves people – built on key insights regarding your customers and your business. Where we together strive to reach your business goals.

We have selected a few areas, which are extra important to us and that are connected to both Business as well as Emotions. Take a look and find out what we keep in mind when we’re working with everything from marketing automation to event concepts.

The customer journey

Where along the purchasing process can your customers be found? Which communication do you need when your 99 % convinced? And how does it differ from what someone without any prior knowledge needs to know or do? We can help you identify the journey that your customers’ unique journey and create relevant communication, tools and opportunities.

Combined goals

We believe in formulating goals for our marketing efforts that align with your business goals as a whole. We want to build a communicative platform that goes hand in hand with your overall, long-term strategy. What you offer as company, and the value you provide is our main focus – so that we are able to highlight that value in a unique way.

Business & Emotions

Evolve through creativity

With our help, you can allow creativity to be a driving force for business development. Because we don’t just consider communication and marketing as an entertaining last layer when everything else is in its proper place. Creative thinking can be used to form new offers, products or entire areas of business.


The majority of all the decisions we make on a daily basis has very little to do with rational thinking. In a lot of cases, our emotions both control how we register communication and, in fact, make us take action. To communicate what you offer is an important part of the equation. But to evoke different kinds of emotions, that is what creates strong customer relationships with people who want to share your values with others.