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Looking through Voice Provider’s client list, you’ll find companies such as Elgiganten, Stena Line, Com Hem, Viasat and many others. Their job is to improve these companies customer service by making it more efficient. By offering services adapted for different customer channels, they are providing their clients with valuable tools for their day-to-day activities. They now have a clear overview of all activities. In addition, they have gained access to solutions that enable Voice Provider’s clients to follow up every step of their work connected to customer service.

The next step for Voice Provider

The main focus of our collaboration with Voice Provider has been to create a new structure, design, brand new content and handle the technical development of the new voiceprovider.com. We have also been a part of creating a content plan as well as a complete strategy for Voice Provider’s communicative efforts. Since the collaboration began, we have also produced several product sheets and material used during trade shows, which both communicated the value that our client’s products deliver as well as communicating their overall product offering.

Our main focus

Early on in our collaboration, we began to find ways of adapting the content for the new site, according to different needs, priorities and responsibilities of different target groups. This was an important part of the process, seeing as Voice Provider’s contact center solutions have been created to simplify the work of employees from many different parts of an organization – from the CEO and CFO level to the customer service agents who are taking calls and handling messages from customers and end-users. We wanted the new site to reflect that and to convey the benefits of working with Voice Provider.

Clear, relevant and rewarding

Through new copy and imagery, different sections of the site was created to appeal to different divisions of a company. We used arguments and headlines that, for instance, would be the most relevant for a CEO, and another set of angels and arguments appealing to a customer service manager. We also reworked the articles describing Voice Provider’s references, where the main focus of the new texts became the customers’ challenges, the end consumers’ situation and how a solution contributed to positive changes in different areas of a company.

We worked side by side with our client to create tools and a structure for simplifying the process of sharing different forms of information and knowledge – everything from quick facts and statistics to newsletters and digital publications.

Continuing to streamline marketing efforts

The new site was launched in the spring of 2016 and since then it has become an important tool for generating new business leads. Besides from the continuing task of tweaking various parts of the site, we are working with Voice Provider to find new methods of creating unique and interesting content for different digital channels.

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