Adapting to digital changes, before launch

Swedish house manufacturer SmålandsVillan will launch a new website in 2017. But why wait? Parts of the digital strategy and graphic profile we have created together have already been implemented on their existing site. And a new tone of voice can be seen in both analog and digital formats.

SmålandsVillan builds houses for your real life

SmålandVillan’s tone of voice in 2017 will be engaging, helpful and proud. To introduce this new way of communicating we created the concept "We build houses for your real life." The concept consists of a playful mix of contradicting words such as “clean” and “messy”, “calm and quiet” and “screaming children”. We also chose images and situations that are full of life. Because houses in real life are wonderful, but not perfect. The concept have been published in lifestyle magazines Mama and Plaza.

Plenty of color

We have chosen to highlight SmålandVillan's main colors, black and yellow, in the new graphic profile. We have also created a supplementary palette with four bright shades. The logotype has a more modern geometric twist, which is being balanced out by soft illustrations of objects found in everyday life.

100 different reasons to choose SmålandsVillan

To ensure that SmålandsVillan communicates extensively in digital channels a content marketing strategy (step one) was introduced. The strategy consists of 100 small content pieces/stories that lead to existing pages on their web. The stories are published on SmålandsVillan's web page, intranet, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and re-used as newsletters, banner ads and print ads. They will also be part of future competitions and exhibitions.

The content pieces are written in SmålandsVillan’s new tone of voice and they differentiate SmålandsVillan by highlighting the company’s product features, construction methods, house models and interior options. We also made sure to meet the target group's thoughts about building and buying a house - so that SmålandsVillan would rank higher on search results.

The content marketing strategy is named “100 different reasons to choose SmålandsVillan”. It is an ongoing project, with an active content plan until January 2017.