The concept that grew – from social media to trade show concept

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Elmia Subcontractor is Northern Europe’s leading trade show for subcontractors in the manufacturing industry and their customers. We helped Autodesk’s Value Added Distributor Future Group to plan their attendance in 2016 – by creating a communication concept that attracted visitors, coordinated resellers and that resulted in a completely new event area during the trade show.

Attracting visitors

Elmia Subcontractor is the perfect opportunity to get a complete overview of the industry. Being the leading trade show of its kind, it attracts "everyone" connected to the Swedish subcontracting industry. The exhibitors are enthusiastically displaying their product launches and innovative approaches, making the event an excellent way of discovering trends and getting inspired by new solutions.

With 1,200 exhibitors and 15,000 visitors per year, the companies that participate face both challenges and opportunities. To stand out, we created a communication concept that was launched in social media two months before the trade show, to attract relevant visitors to the Autodesk event area.

Reaching out through digital channels

During Elmia Subcontractor we exclusively used digital media channels to communicate Autodesk’s attendance. We created sponsored posts on Facebook and LinkedIn, emailed invitations, shared external articles as well as trade show preparations, videos, photos and live updates during the event.

Our main message "Freedom that gives control" summarized the wide range of possibilities that modern technology can offer. And with four supporting themes we could define the tech opportunities and highlight the Autodesk software. Our themes were: "Development and design in the cloud", "Powerful and flexible package deals," "Visualize for better quality" and "Realize your designs with accuracy."

The aim of the communication was to educate potential visitors on how Autodesk solutions could facilitate their work. To get our message across we used Future Groups’ digital channels as well as their resellers’ digital channels.

Remove unnecessary space

Based on assessments from previous years, we came to the conclusion that Future Group would benefit from a communication concept that also took care of the appearance and content of the event area.

Laptops and three well-defined areas – a VR station, 3D printers and a lecture area – replaced fixed workstations and empty space. Our new interior plan attracted the visitors’ attention, while simultaneously making it much easier to enter the area. This instead of standing outside of it (which is surprisingly common during trade shows). Every area and all communication connected to it served as support to the resellers in their promotional activities.

A well-attended and popular display

The Autodesk event area attracted a large amount of attention and visitors. They gladly stepped into the area and curiously asked questions. The VR experience was very popular, you even had to stand in line at times. Resellers and visitors exchanged interesting conversations about how VR can be used in the manufacturing industry. As a result, a lot of visitors now have a more in-depth understanding of what Autodesk software and solutions can achieve and how new technologies can complete their businesses strategy.

Our communication concept supported the resellers and gave them clear guidelines and a mutual message to use in their sales activities. The resellers who manned the area have expressed their appreciation of new take and they have actively taken advantage of the opportunities that the interior and the different areas gave. A total of four lectures were organized during the exhibition week. And the visitors who attended the lectures only had positive things to say during visitor evaluations.

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