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Earlier this summer we had the pleasure of announcing that we collaborate with no other than Stanford University and their research initiative Folding@home. We are very proud and excited about this opportunity of course. But our CEO Peter Karlsson wants to tell you a bit more about what makes this project so unique and important. For him, for the employees at the agency and for everyone who are reading this.

I miss my dad. It is hard to put into words how much I would like to see him again. I miss my mother-in-law. And I would give anything in the world to make sure that she could still be here with us. But the two were taken away from my family and me too early. They were taken away from everyone they loved and who loved them. And I cannot help but to think of what it was that took them away from us.


I hate cancer. Just as much as I hate Alzheimer’s  and I know that I share that feeling with millions of people. Far too many have already suffered from these diseases and many more will continue to get sick or be forced to see someone they love disappear. That is why Folding@home is one of the most important projects that both I and the agency have taken on. This project is simply closer to our hearts.

It is important that we help each other, and that we get as many people as possible to help out with this project. Our knowledge of how easy it is to lend computer power to solve the scientists’ computations and our engagement to inform others will make a difference in how far the research can go.

A lot have already happened since Folding@home started in 2000. Hundreds of thousands of people are involved in the project. They have downloaded the Folding@home software and are helping the research team at Stanford with computations every day. But there is so much more left to do. Many more need to find out what the initiative is about, and many more need to download the software that makes it possible to study the diseases better. But above all, we want more people to be part of this project so that they can benefit from the results of the research.

In the coming months we will share what we have been working on together with the project group at Stanford. We hope that out work will lead to new folders, new discoveries and new cures. And I really hope that you who read this will be one of the first folders, the one who will learn more, download the software and start folding!

Peter Karlsson


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