Stanford University selects Business & Emotions as their ad agency


In year 2000 Stanford University introduced a protein research initiative called Folding@ home. The project requires a large amount of computing power, and to reach the right amount of power individual users are welcome to share their untapped resources from their mobile phone or computer. To reach a goal of 1 million users Stanford University has now teamed up with Business & Emotions, a Swedish ad agency based in Gothenburg.

Folding@home is a research initiative from Stanford University that focuses on curing some of the world’s most common diseases. Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Huntington’s and various forms of cancer for instance. The research is dedicated to understanding how proteins in our body fold (hence the name Folding), why they sometimes misfold and how misfolding can lead to diseases.

The research on proteins requires thousands of calculations and a large amount of computing power. To gain access to the power needed Stanford University launched their own software called Folding@home in year 2000. The software allows individual users to connect and contribute to the research by sharing their unused resources. Folding@home can easily be downloaded to your computer or mobile phone and runs in the background as any other program or app.

To make more people aware of Folding@home Stanford University has chosen to work with the advertising agency Business & Emotions in Gothenburg, Sweden. Their idea out concurred ad agencies in both US and Sweden. The common goal now is to reach 1 million users before the year is over.

“We choose Business & Emotions as our partner due to their passion, hard work and attitude. After less than two weeks they have already achieved more then we expected which ensures us of our decision.”

Anton Thynell Developer, Folding@home Stanford University

The partnership will result in a wide range of digital activities, whereas a new website will be the hub of all communications.

I see this as a major breakthrough. We are extremely happy to have won in tough competition and to have the opportunity to contribute to something that feels very important. “

Peter Karlsson CEO Business & Emotions

For more information, visit Foldings existing website. For any questions or queries, please contact Peter 0733 20 52 36


Pictured: From left Anton Thynell, Developer, Folding@home, and Peter Karlsson, CEO, Business & Emotions.

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  1. Hello Anton and Peter,
    This is Ivan from the CureCoin Team on Folding@home. We’re not professional marketers – however you may want to look at the CureCoin Teams social media sites and ask us what our experience has been in attracting new folders. We’ve been working on attracting new folders for two years now – we have over 8000 folding accounts that we’ve registered to our service. Of course you can’t offer crypto currency as an incentive like we do, but our goal has always been to start by promoting FAH with a minimum budget. You may also appreciate some of our team’s meanderings on the foldingathome reddit like:
    Anyway Congratulations – and Welcome to the Fold!
    Ivan Tuma
    The CureCoin Team

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